Tech Fair: La Tecnologia Es El Futuro

Way Creative LLC at Tech Fair: La Tecnologia Es El Futuro

We recently had the opportunity to shoot for The Midwest Tech Project at their 1st ever Tech Fair: La Tecnologia Es El Futuro. The event was held at Cesar E. Chavez Elementary School in Grand Rapids, MI on January 26, 2017. This was the first ever bilingual Tech Fair held in Grand Rapids, MI and over 230 guests attended the event. Check out the highlight video we made of the event below.

Tech Fair: La Tecnologia Es El Futuro was incredibly successful at exposing the inner-city youth of Grand Rapids’ Southwest side to all of the possibilities and opportunities in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math(STEM) fields. The event featured reps from local tech firms and nonprofits as well as larger companies. There was also plenty of representation from local colleges and universities. Some of the tables at the event featured things like a 3D Printer from the Kent County ISD or a kickball-shooting robot from Code Red Robotics Club, built and operated by high school students. There were also: Drones, Virtual Reality Simulators, DSLR Cameras, 3D Modeling Programs and FREE Food for all in attendance from a local Latino restaurant.

Way Creative LLC is proud to work with local Nonprofits like The Midwest Tech Project. We support our local community as much as possible because it’s important if the ultimate goal is improving the quality of life for everyone. Large scale change doesn’t happen on a large scale–it happens in small, incremental stages. Events like Tech Fair: La Tecnologia Es El Futuro are essential if we, as a human race, are to reach our highest potential. So, we encourage getting out and getting involved. Find something that you have great passion in and donate whatever you can, be it your time, money or skills. Be a driving force for change in your community!